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James is the best.  He is always able to fix whatever is nagging me - my back, neck, legs etc.  I have been going to him for about 5-6 years and see him every month or two.  He always sorts me out for a while and when I start having pain, I set up an appointment, and that usually cures it.  He is quick at identifying issues and figuring out how to fix whatever is bothering you.  I would recommend him without reservation!
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Ashley B.

James is incredible! I'm a professional dancer and have tried countless massage therapists over the past 10 years or so. In my experience, James's work far exceeds that of any other therapist! I've worked with James weekly over the course of 3 or 4 years to address multiple problems with my feet, back, hips, and more. He's able to fix any problem I bring to him! James communicates with me during our sessions so he can best find where and how to fix my areas of pain. James has unbelievable knowledge and insight. He gives me advice about how to remain pain-free and recommends exercises and stretches for me to do in order to help my problem areas. I highly recommend James! He's the best you'll find! James has done miracles for me, and I believe I would not be able to maintain my career as an athlete if it weren't for him!

Abigail K.

I've been going to James for the last six years. James takes the time to understand the mechanics of your problem, and treats all of the related muscles. He helped me come back from achilles surgery to running decent marathons (sub-2:40).

Jeff S.

I cannot say enough great things about James.  I had chronic muscular pain in my upper back, and had been trying massage therapists and chiropractors for years trying to get relief.  Within two to three sessions, James found the problem, which was actually a trigger point in my neck. The pain went away within a few sessions, but more importantly, James taught me how to prevent and treat it myself going forward.  He also gave me relief from carpel tunnel, improved my posture, and addressed the many muscular issues that come from working at a computer all day.  I am so enthusiastic and impressed by James that I insisted that my mom (from Oklahoma) see him when she came to visit.  James worked on a foot and leg issue that she has been seeing doctor after doctor about for years, with no progress.  She could only see him three times, but even in a short time, he eliminated her hip pain and improved her foot and leg.  I genuinely believe that if she lived here and could see him regularly, her issues would be gone.    

I have very high standards and the resources to pay for the high dollar massage salons and therapists, but none of them come close to James' skill, knowledge of how our muscular systems interact, and willingness to truly listen and personalize a service plan to your issues.  If you are in pain, need to relax, or want to improve your posture and muscular health, I strongly encourage you to make an appointment with James.

Amanda J.

James is an excellent massage therapist. He is highly skilled and effective at figuring out the cause of your muscular pain and works efficiently to treat specifically.

He has done wonders for a complicated hip issue that was causing me hip and low back pain. I swear I would feel the pain jump around to different spots. It was confusing to me and I really felt like my pain would never go away but after just one session with James, it improved significantly. He has also helped with a wrist issue that was preventing me from practicing yoga. While I continue to see James monthly to manage my funky hip, my wrist has healed fully thanks to his work.

If you are looking for pain relief and are just about to give up, go see James for a session. He is awesome at finding the exact muscles to work on that provide the relief you've been seeking!

Jenny D.

James Ivaska is a courteous, conscientious, professional who always listens to you. He carefully identifies possible causes of pain and discomfort, suggestions a plan of action, and constantly monitors your response and comfort to his techniques.  He has an informative website and offers the convenience of making online appointments. I highly recommend James Ivaska at Muscular Health Center.

Martin S.

I've had quite a few massages from a number of different therapists, and James is by far the most knowledgeable, skilled, professional, and client-centered therapist I've ever visited.  Once I limped to his office, barely able to walk because my lower back was seized up. He was able to identify the source of the pain as a trigger point in my gluteus medius and worked on the injury. Only half an hour later I was able to walk out of there--upright, fully functional, and almost pain free. The pain was completely gone in a matter of days. James really seems to have a deep understanding of the body, and understands that everyone is different. The times I've been he takes the time to talk to me and find out what my neuromuscular problems are and addresses those issues.

Patrick M.

I went to James Ivaska when I was experiencing significant muscle pain in my shoulder and neck following increased physical activity.  Within one session he was able to correctly locate the source of the pain and effectively relieve it.  James also took the time to explain to me what the issue was and gave me stretching exercises to do at home to hopefully prevent recurrence of the pain.  As a medical student I really valued the way he took such a clinical approach to treating my pain.  He obviously knows his stuff and is very professional.  I strongly recommend James as a massage therapist and will definitely go to him again for any other issues that come up!

Christina B.

I went to see James after I tweaked my neck rock climbing. I had gone to another massage therapist, who massaged the pain in my back. I called James because I still felt pain, and over the phone, he was able to diagnose my pain as 'referral pain', meaning my actual injury was in my neck, but I felt pain in my back. I was skeptical he could diagnose this over the phone, since I had such a hard time describing where the pain was from, but after trying a few things (arm up and tilt the head to the side- does that still hurt?) I decided to go in. James massaged my neck, and when he did I felt the pain in my back. It was a weird experience. After a short session, I had my normal movement back and healed up nicely over the next week.  James was great at not just assessing the injury, but explaining it. He gave me tips on how to avoid straining it again. He knows his stuff and is very good. I would recommend him to anyone.

Matt K.

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